Biography and History

Jeff Jacobs is a long-time resident of Wisconsin’s 54th Assembly District, a former local business owner and a professional Sales Representative. He’s also a former Democratic party activist who has voted for the current officeholder twice in the past. Dissatisfied for years both by Minority Leader Gordon Hintz’ political decision-making and leadership skills, it was through developing an understanding of the way he has conducted his personal life and failed in his public interactions with constituents that caused this citizen to stand up. 

Jeff is ready to become the progressive citizen legislator Oshkosh deserves. Perceiving Rep. Hintz to be the leader of what amounts to an inefficient democratic minority caucus and recognizing that this election would take him through his 15th year in the assembly - Jeff believes that he can provide a better alternative

Further, Jeff believes that not facing substantially serious opponents for 2 election cycles (and running unopposed in 2018) has led Rep. Hintz to a state of entrenchment and turned him into a much better advocate for the democratic party and it’s priorities than for the bold progressiveness Oshkosh needs now. Jeff understands that we have limited time to waste to make the real changes our citizens deserve to properly provide for the general welfare and ensure the domestic tranquility of both Wisconsin and our planet as a whole.


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