“Gordon Hintz’ time has come and passed without tangible results
for the working people of this area,
I’m running for 54th District Assembly because even though the politicians at all levels have failed us - we need not fail each other.” - Jeff Jacobs

State Level Preparedness

In recent times all levels of government have shown an ineptitude in planning for serious high-level emergencies. Jeff will advocate for extensive state-level emergency preparedness planning to supplement inefficient and failing federal responses to crises and disasters. 

Ban on Corporate Money

The Jeff4Wiscosin Assembly campaign and the Committee To Elect Jeff Jacobs (Chase Stelling - Treasurer) is committed to accepting no financial support of any kind from corporate entities or corporate PACs. Jeff will be an advocate for this and other good government reforms in the long-term.

The domination of big money over our public institutions prevents all levels of government from being truly responsive to the needs of citizens - and Jeff is running to do something about it. 

Community-Driven Economics

State legislators must increase their focus on the financial well-being of their constituents, especially in times of great crisis. Jeff advocates for a Wisconsin specific statewide Universal Basic Income program to be developed. This will provide consistent income to Wisconsin residents regardless of economic developments or emergency events.

Jeff also supports strong worker rights protections and card check laws to increase the unionization of the working classes. He wants to repeal “right to work” and other laws that limit citizens rights to organize.

Marijuana Legalization

Jeff supports the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes and supports the creation of a responsible state market for cannabis. At this point he supports implementation of a system similar to that of Colorado or Oregon

Ranked Choice Voting

Jeff will advocate for the implementation of a Ranked Choice Voting system to promote an electoral system in which voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots and where unsuccessful candidates are eliminated round by round until a majority of adjusted votes produces a winner.

Ranked choice voting helps ensure that candidates with the most votes and broadest support win so voters get more of what they want more of the time. Candidates who are opposed by a majority of voters can never win ranked choice voting elections


For information about ranked choice voting please follow the link here:

Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All)

Jeff seeks to advocate for the implementation of a universal, single-payer national health insurance program. This will provide everyone in Wisconsin and America with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service.

Healthcare is a national issue which will take national leadership, but on a state level legislators can immediately choose to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin under the authority of the ACA. This will immediately provide access to BadgerCare to roughly 80,000 additional Wisconsin residents and is the very least state government can do. 

Confronting Climate Devastation

Climate change is the most serious social and economic challenge that humanity has ever faced. Jeff supports science-based policies to curb climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On a national level green thinkers have an ambitious plan to make drastic changes to quickly avert global catastrophe - The Green New Deal.

The Green Party has been advocating for this and other sustainability measures for over a decade: well before the gist of the plan was co-opted by a major corporate party.


Jeff supports the basic principles outlined in these and other progressive climate action plans. 


Women have the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. The decision of whether or not to bring a pregnancy to term is a woman's alone to make. This, furthermore, should in no way be inhibited by their financial or socioeconomic status. Jeff believes that the option of safe, legal abortion should remain available in Wisconsin. 

Child Care

Jeff supports the development of paid parental leave and other pro-family policies so that the essential social functions of childbearing, parenting, and homemaking are respected and supported by the state of Wisconsin.

These vital domestic responsibilities are devalued in our market-based society and solutions must be found that encourage strong families living in strong communities.  

Democratic Reform

Jeff is committed to mobilizing the participation of large numbers of people at the local level and wants to challenge the notion that only experienced politicians and expert bureaucrats are useful in Madison.  He will advocate for direct, participatory, grassroots democratic reforms. These include: statewide referendum laws, campaign finance systems that allow average citizens to have access, electronic signature laws and the legislature taking a serious look at proportional representation.    

Your Voice

The best way to be heard is to have discussions with those who seek to represent you and make sure your opinions are heard!

We'd love to hear from you!

Public Education

Having had firsthand experience of the effects of underfunded educational systems on American youth, Jeff greatly supports public education.  State legislators must prioritize strong well-financed spending plans to propel Wisconsin into the top tier of US states in academic achievement. Students must be given the opportunity to succeed no matter the zip code in which they were born or reside, and we must develop funding solutions for schools that are not based on the current strength of the area economy. Jeff also opposes the administration of public schools by private, for-profit entities and supports the development of a tuition free state public education system.